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We are Chicasa
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We don't simply build and renovate, we create living Art.

20 years ago we created our business because we saw a lack of creativity in the market. We felt that Toronto and the GTA is an exception place, filled with wonderful and unique people who were living in Mc Homes. Our goal was to shake things up, and unlock the dreams of our clients who wanted to create the home of their dreams, or build a solid investment opportunity.

We have spent years building our world class team of designers, craftsmen and suppliers so that we can offer you, the most incredible bespoke home building experience possible. Our team will work with you every step of the way from pulling permits, to designing the perfect layout with your favorite materials before we even swing the first hammer.

We take into account your requirements, budget, timeline of tasks, size of project, colours, textures, vanities, furnishings that add the final touches and much more to ensure that your house is done to perfection. Your home is dear to you, which makes it dear to us. Put it in the hands of a certified professional renovation contracting company that can effectively handle the scope of any project. Chicasa Design is efficient and diligent with your renovation.

Once you are fully satisfied with your design, our expert craftsmen will do what they do best. The Chicasa team of home builders is second to none, so when we build a home, or perform a renovation, you can be assured that it will last for generations.

Our Work & Guarantee

We get the job done professionally, on time, within your budget, and most importantly - with our clients satisfaction.

Using our proven process from our many years working on hundreds of homes, we can tackle a renovation project to keep mistakes and costs to a minimum while providing our clients complete satisfaction along the way. We'll start on your project together, by showing you drawings and designs that match your personal style, and only when you're satisfied will we begin labor on your property.

Our staff is full of 'Certified' professional designers and renovators that are held to high standards, they put the same focus and detail into each remodeling project they are tasked on. We also offer warranty on all labour performed on your property to give you a peace of mind that work completed is there for the long-haul and not just in-and-out day operation.

Chicasa Design custom home builder in the Greater Toronto Area